How To Create Resources Out of Thin
Air & Raise Money For Your Business

In  this video, Peter Sorensen shares how to raise money for your business and help your prospects overcome the #1 objection in business - lack of money.

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  • $35k in Sales in 12 Days Starting from Scratch

    This 1 hour, 31 minute video case study shows you how Jon A. went from zero to making over $35k in sales in just 12 days using Shopify.

  • Get Video Views for Less Than a Penny

    This proven process will help you get videos to go viral on FB for less than a penny each! In some cases, for as low as $0.0003 per view!

  • 7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement

    Discover seven simple steps to triple your Facebook engagement for more traffic, leads and sales you can start using today.

  • How to Get a $10,000 Working Capital Loan from Paypal

    Discover the exact process our students use to get $5k, $10k and even $20,000 loans through the Paypal™ working capital program.

  • How to Get a $20k+ Spending Limit for Facebook™ Ads

    Discover the exact 3-step process I use to get BIG $2,000, $10,000, $20,000 spending limits on Facebook so you can scale your business fast!

  • FREE Facebook Marketing Hacks by Chris Record

    In this 2 hour training webinar, you get several FREE FB Marketing Hacks to help you save time and get more traffic, leads and sales fast!

  • 7 Steps To Build a Huge Email List that Converts

    If you are not building a BIG list, you are leaving BIG money on the table and in this video you’ll learn exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • Triple Your Results Using Affiliate Marketing Bonuses

    Learn what affiliate marketing bonuses are, and how they can easily help you convert more sales… doubling, even tripling our results!

  • How to Choose An Affiliate Offer To Promote

    Discover the 8 key points to look for when choosing the perfect product for you to promote your list if you are serious about making a profit.

  • Run FB Lead Ads to Build a Profitable Email List

    This 50 minute tutorial shows how to set up & leverage FB Lead ads to get more opt in leads for your business directly from Facebook!

  • Make Money Online With Print on Demand Products

    Discover how to make six figures from print on demand physical products on platforms such as Tee Spring, Viral Style, Represent.

  • Email Marketing Tips To Building a Loyal Tribe

    People buy from those they know, like and trust. Discover how to build a loyal following and tribe with your email marketing starting today!

  • How To CONVERT Sales Through Email Marketing

    When you know what to say and how to say it, you can easily start cashing in $20 per lead, per month on complete 100% autopilot…

  • How to REALLY Make Serious Money Online

    This nuts and bolts training webinar reveals a proven step-by-step process to making serious money online… from start to finish.

  • Create to Raise Money for Your Business

    Peter Sorensen shares how to raise money for your business and help your prospects overcome the #1 objection in business, lack of money.

  • Practical Tips to Overcome Common Sales Objections

    In this video you get practical tips to overcoming the sales objections everyone faces. What to say, how to say it and how to close more now.

  • How To 10X Your Mindset To Scale Your Business

    In this 2.5 hour PURE VALUE training, you get mindset mastery principles and strategies to build, grow and scale your business!

  • How to RANK Your Blog Post In 60 Seconds!

    If your blog posts and videos do not rank on the front page of Google and Youtube, you have wasted your time. Plain and simple. Here is…

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